We thank you and appreciate your availing of services with us. Please read the policy, conditions and process carefully, as they will give you important information and guidelines about your rights and obligations as our customer concerning any service you avail from us. The policy concerning refund and cancellation requests shall be following the clauses as set forth:


    1.1. Customer-requested Cancellation
    1.1.1. Customers may cancel a service request prior to its acceptance by a Freelancer/Company.
    1.1.2. If a Freelancer/Company has already accepted the service request, cancellation is subject to their cancellation policy, as specified in their profile or service listing.
    1.1.3. In case the Freelancers/Company have not mentioned their cancellation fee then if the customers wants to cancel their order the can Within 48 hour for full refund any cancellation post that will be not be entitled or eligible to claim any refund.
    1.1.4. In cases of any refund the company shall be entitled to deduct 10% of the total amount paid by the customer.
    1.1.5. Customers must adhere to any specific cancellation procedures provided by the platform or the Freelancer/Company.
    1.2. Freelancer/Company requested Cancellation
    1.2.1. Freelancers/Companies have the right to cancel a service request if they are unable to fulfill it due to unforeseen circumstances or any other valid reason.
    1.2.2. Freelancers/Companies are expected to provide prompt notification to the user and the platform in case of cancellation.
    1.2.3. Users will be eligible for a full refund if a Freelancer/Company cancels a service request. The refund will be processed within 48 hours.
    1.3. Mutual Cancellation
    1.3.1. If there are any issues with the order after a seller has accepted the Job, both Customers and Freelancers/ Company can request a cancellation through the website Platform.
    1.3.2. As soon as there is a request to cancel an order, the other party has Rights up to 48 hours to accept or decline your cancellation request.
    1.3.3. If no response is received after 24 hours, the order is automatically cancelled.
    Refunds are generally applicable in the following circumstances:
    2.1. Services were not provided by the Freelancer/Company as agreed upon.
    2.2. The services delivered were significantly different from what was described in the Freelancer’s/Company’s profile or service listing.
    2.3. There was a breach of contract or violation of platform policies by the Freelancer/Company.
    2.4. Customers must submit a refund request within [24 hours] from the completion or cancellation of the service.
    2.5. Refund requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the circumstances and evidence provided by both the user and the freelancer.
    2.6. Refunds may be issued in the form of credit to the Customers original payment method used for the transaction or store wallet, at the platform’s discretion.
    2.7. The amount of time to receive your refund from your Excalibur Solution Balance will depend on which method you choose to receive the funds.

    2.7.1. PayPal

    Refunds are usually completed within 10 to 12 Days of the request being processed by Customer Support.
    2.7.2. PayU
    Refunds are usually completed within 10 to 12 Days of the request being processed by Customer Support.
    2.7.3. Stripe
    Refunds are usually completed within 10 to 12 Days of the request being processed by Customer Support.
    2.7.4. Credit Card/Debit Card
    After your request is processed by Customer Support, credit card refunds are completed within 10 to 12 Days based on the card issuer’s processing time.
    2.7.5. UPI Payment
    After your request is processed by Customer Support, UPI refunds are completed within 10 to 12 Days based on the Banks processing time.
    2.7.6. Store wallet –
    After your request is processed by Customer Support, Store Wallet refunds are completed within 1 hour which shall be credited to the source account if not used by 30 days.

1.1. Customers should contact the Platform’s customer support to initiate a refund request or resolveany disputes.
1.2. The Platform will review the refund request and may request additional information or evidence from the Customer and the Freelancer/Company.
1.3. The Platform will make a final determination regarding the refund eligibility and notify the Customer and the Freelancer/Company accordingly.

1.1. The Platform reserves the right to modify or terminate this refund and cancellation policy at any time, with or without prior notice.
1.2. Modifications to the policy will become effective upon posting on the platform’s website or notification to Users.

Please note that this policy is subject to the Platform’s terms of service and any specific agreements between the Customer and the Freelancer/Company. It is important to review the terms and conditions applicable to individual transactions and services.